Hi-T Tea Joint Branding

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hi-t-posterBranding for a fictional tea joint and bakery created with the intention of an “accessible” afternoon/high-tea venue. Deliverables included stationery, packaging, cup design, poster design, and pastry box design.

Tea joint and bakery

Product and marketing background
High tea (otherwise known as afternoon tea) is a traditional English custom that is enjoyed in formal settings by a wealthy demographic. It is light meal typically served alongside cakes and other pastries.

Business/advertising objective
To go against the long-established customs of high tea by creating a relaxing, non-threatening environment that gives customers a sense of belonging and enourages them to spend leisure time at our stores.

Unique selling proposition
•  The high tea experience without the formalities
•  Care-free, cozy hang-out spot for introverts and extroverts alike – a place to socialize but also relax and unwind.

  • Proposition support points
    •  Beverages, pastries, and meals are inexpensive compared to traditional high tea services
    •  Store layout considers both sides of clientele with large round tables and couches for social groups, and comfy sitting/reading areas for individual guests. Books, board games, and blankets are also provided.

Online: Website or web banner, social media campaign (Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook), phone app In-Store: Pastry bags and boxes, to-go cups , cup sleeves, menu board, purchasable merchandise (tumblers, teapots, tea cups and saucers).

Target Market
•  Students aged 18-24 years old
•  Both genders but mostly women
•  Open-minded introverts and extraverts alike; they are humble and unconcerned with status
•  They enjoy rainy day activities such as reading, drawing, board games, knitting, browsing the internet, baking, and writing

• David’s Tea, Teavana
• Coffeehouse chains: Starbucks, Blenz, JJ Bean, Cafe Artigiano, Bean Around the World

Welcoming, laid-back, caring, humble, unassuming, casual

Avoid trends that will be viewed by the target as insincere or pretentious